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    Sega just announced an official Genesis emulator for the iphone, what I wouldnt do for this
    Made this render just for kicks: (see pre-controller.jpg)

    Just imagine...
    Dedicated analog stick
    Dedicated hardware buttons
    Sega's early 3D titles (Saturn & Dreamcast) or any other company's IP
    Internal battery that charges Pre (or at least doesnt kill Pre's battery)
    and wait for it...wait for it...a micro SD slot for endless fun.

    All in a portable dock that slides into the Pre's USB port. If palm really means business with gaming, something like this would be a homerun!
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    this would be absolutely amazing.
    i'd think doing it without getting too bulky, accomodating people with cases/extended batteries, and attaching it to the pre with as little stress as possible to the USB port would be quite the challenge.

    considering palm's ***** for the touchstone~ i'd expect them to at least come out with a bluetooth gaming controller or something to play while charging.
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    maybe a backplate covered in that touchstone gecko feet stuff and the stiffness of micro usb is all thats needed to secure it to the pre but i agree, accomidating cases would be tough.

    Also, the device can function as a standalone micro-sd reader so that when plugged in to your computer (and charging) you can dump your "purchased" roms and such
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    Nice render
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    Bump; this would be the greatest thing to ever happen to smartphones, no?
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    there is already a controler where the pre fits in the middle,ive seen it on youtube
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    Quote Originally Posted by djuvee View Post
    there is already a controler where the pre fits in the middle,ive seen it on youtube
    Could you supply a link that sounds like a hoax.
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    search "palm pre apps and homebrew emulators" can't post link im on my fone lol

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