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    About a year ago I cut up my credit cards and am now DEBT FREE...

    Here is my question...Now that I have no credit card and all I have is my check card...How am I suppose to be able to buy Apps from the catalog? With past phones it was added to bill. I have no problem using my bank card if the app catalog would allow this. I do not want another credit card. There must be others in my situation with money to spend on Apps but cannot due to this. I also would think that Palm and the App developers would want this revenue from people just like me...if you know of a solution using my check/debit card (visa) please let me know. Thanks in advance for any answers...
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    I apologize if this question is in the wrong section...wasn't sure where to place it...
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    your check card should work just fine - it's a visa card and Palm's catalog should treat it just like a credit card. if not, i would contact palm support -
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    Verified- I use my Visa check card all the time to order apps.

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