Classic is crashing so I want to do a clean start. How do I remove all the spourious files on the Pre synced over from former Treo? Where are these files kept on Pre and why did they come back when I uninstalled Classic then ONLY ticked calendar, memos and contacts on first sync? Did they resync somehow or had they remained on Pre?

Hence, I want to make a clean Classic/Pre, removing old palm files, then:

reinstall classic and Datebk6
sync with empty diary
overwrite datebk/contacts etc directories on PC with data from old Palm
sync and get it into a clean Pre without all the junk.

Am I dreaming, or is this the right way to go about it?

How do I make sure all is removed from Pre?
..will some classic files have been backed up to Pre site?

any tips gratefully received.
many thanks