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    The problem I'm having is very frustrating, and I am hoping one of the great experts here at PreCentral might know a fix. I installed the "People Magazine app" through the App Catalog. It completely sucks my battery.

    I removed it when I began to notice something strange with my battery. Then I started seeing my battery getting depleted very quickly. Sure enough "People" was back installed on my Pre. I have removed this app at least 50 times already, but it still keeps coming back, I don't even get a notification that People was installed, it just finds its way back to my Pre. Any ideas how I can once and for all get rid of this app without it being re-sent to my Pre?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Have you done a manual back-up after you delete it? It probably just re-syncs w/your phone every day.

    my 2 cents
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    How did you attempt to remove it? This is very interesting. I removed paid apps just before the 1.3.x update and the ones I did not want did not come back. All did was hold on left side of gesture and the app icon at the same time. When the app was encircled I let go and delete option popped up and I selected delete. If that is what you have done yet it still comes back The only thing I could suggest is to do it once more just before you do the next update. Maybe someone else has a better idea.

    Chilin's Idea sounds like a good try too.
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    better doctor it... dd you download that app from here? Or app catalog? Better swap it for a new one
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    Which method are you using to delete it? Try deleting it through the app catalog.
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    I downloaded People from the App Catalog. I delete the app by pressing the orange key , tap the app, and tap delete. I also have tried going to the the Launcher > menu>list apps>tap People>then tap delete. Within a few minutes it's back on my Pre . No other app has ever done this, and I have tons of homebrew and App Catalog apps. I'll try all the suggestions and let you know. Thanks.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I deleted it in the App Catalog now, and tried chilin's advice of doing a backup after I removed it. I'll post an update. Thanks again for the help!
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Nope, People has already come back ,lol. I wouldn't mind it, but it kills my battery because it updates itself. I wish there was a way to turn that off.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I have a similar problem with Quest (which is now called Dungeon Quest, but Quest is still installed on my system), and Casino Blackjack.

    I believe the problem occurred after I tried updating these two.

    Where might I go to delete these manually, either using Internalz or plugging the Pre in as an external storage device on a PC?
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    Well, I got impatient, and did the following:

    - Emergency Patch Removal

    - Forced a backup (Backup, 'Back up now")

    - Partial erase (Device Info, Reset Options, Partial Erase)

    This fixed all problems I was experiencing. I lost the following:

    - App data (saved games, etc)

    - Call & message logs (I could have saved these using the database copy trick, but I heard there were various issues for some people in doing so, and I really don't care about my call and message logs)

    - Homebrew apps

    I didn't lose the following:

    - Personal files (everything accessible via USB Mode is left alone with a Partial Erase)

    -PDF Redux page progress (I use the PDF Redux patch, which remembers what page I was on for all PDFs)

    - Official app catalog apps (including paid apps, which downloaded again for free): these were automatically downloaded and installed for me, so I didn't have to remember what I had

    - Contacts

    - Tasks (a major concern of mine)

    - Favorites in the browser

    All in all, a success. I merely reinstalled PreWare using WebOS Quick Install, reinstalled all my homebrew apps and patches, and I'm good to go.
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    Does PrewarePalm App Catalog remember what apps I have installed...especially ones I have payed for?

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