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    My apps in the app catalogue won't download period. I hit the download button and it freezes. I've done Migration, restarted, WebOS repair utility...most every suggestion i can think of. I've tried going thru preware and i get the same result. I was able to download 1 homebrew app, but now I'm getting errors.

    Does this mean I have to run OS Doc? if so does that mean i lose everything I've downloaded as far as apps? What about pd apps?

    Thank you to whoever can help me on this mess....
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    It used to be that if you run the Doc all your data in applications will be lost such as saved games.

    There are additional risks with loosing contacts, but if you do a manual backup through the palm profile or if you have another backup plan you shouldn't worry.

    You won't loose data on the USB partition in the new doctors however, which tells me that it might not affect the apps at all, which means you might have to go so far as to run a full-erase plus doctor it.

    However, you will be able to download paid apps free of charged for the lifetime of your device.
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    Thanks alex...that did the trick. Lost a few things but nothing important.

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