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    I've noticed that Sprint Phones have an app called, "Sprint TV"...

    Previously, I was using a Samsung Instinct, and was able to stream live hockey games, with Bell's Unlimited NHL feature... however, on my Palm Pre, the video features of the Unlimited NHL package do not work, I am only able to receive the Text Alerts.

    So, since I noticed that Sprint phones have the "Sprint TV", then I guess it is possible for the Palm Pre to stream live tv?...

    Any other people out there who have the Unlimited NHL package as well, who perhaps may have found a way to get the streaming live NHL games feature on their Pre? Perhaps there is an app that could be made for this?

    Really unsure here, just thought I'd see if any conversation could be started up and maybe I'd find out something interesting.
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    I live in the States, but...PLEASE, PLEASE, if someone develops an app to stream live NHL for all Pres I will PAY for it!!!! It's my favorite sport and I don't have a tv and it's really frustrating get the idea.
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    Great Idea! I would even buy this app!

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