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    I've noticed a lot of apps to safeguard personal information such as PIN #'s and passwords and I'm interested in one, but again, there are so many that it's not easy to make up my mind. So I'm wondering which of them have you guys used and your thoughts about them?

    I currently use KeePass on my PC (it's an open source password manager) and think it's a wonderful app and want something similar for my Pre as I find myself using it so much.
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    Check out this thread on and this thread on Keyring.
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    I've been using SafeBox from the app catalog. It's got what I've been looking for - encryption, 'magic URLs' (those that open a new card when clicked), multi-categories, easy IU, and (unlike Splash) a developer who cares.
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    +1 for safebox. great program and what wasn't mentioned above you can back up. I think it's the only one in the store that offers backup
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    After reading the posted threads and checking the apps out I decided to go for jVault.

    I was pleased with the information about backing up the data now via the .appstorage folder and with the information in their PDF about the PC client.

    Safebox looks good too, but it costs twice as much. Granted, I haven't used jVault for long enough to really know how good it is, but it seemed a better value to me...
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    I agree with silverthornne RE: jVault. I want to ensure the data is recoverable in the event my phones data gets wiped (for a variety of reasons). I manually (shrug) backup all accessible folders at least twice a month... I've tested deleting/restoring the jvault entry in the .appstorage folder and it works great - thus ensuring I won't loose all my personal data... and I won't be placing it out in the clouds... like splashdata wants to do!!
    I tried safebox but backup/restore is to cumbersome for my tastes.

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