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    Via PEPID eNews - December 2009

    "PEPID Releases the Beta Application for the Palm Pre

    As mentioned above, PEPID was the first to release a medical application of its kind for the Palm Pre smart phone and Web OS operating system. As physicians and nurses upgrade to the latest smart phones such as the Palm Pre, they can count on having access to PEPID’s award-winning content and tools.

    The PEPID Palm Pre application integrates all of PEPID’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content into one piece of software, which can be quickly and easily accessed by subscribers using the Palm Pre. Our development teams have utilized this smart phone’s unique features and shortcut keys to make it a seamless experience for users.

    Our Palm Pre application is currently being tested by our subscribers, and the full version is scheduled for release in mid-January."

    My wife is using it now and likes it a lot.

    Download via Preware or PEPID
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    Has anyone here been able to get this Pepid beta to load their subscriptions? I loaded it on mine and kept the "freeproduct..." username to try it and it loads the toxicology as a demo. I then tried to load on my wife's new Pre (just convinced her to upgrade to a Pre BECAUSE I thought it looked like Pepid is now available) as she as the full palm subscription to ONS and dictionaries But when we put in her username and password it says they are not valid. We've confirmed they are the correct username and password and they work on the mobile web version, but not this beta. Is the freeproduct login with Toxicology the only thing available under the beta? We can't even get that one on her's now since now that I changed the username/pw from the freeproduct one, I can't determine what the freeproduct password is!
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    I got this app through the AppScoop app... Registered for free trials of the main software. I think it's really nice.
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    email or call pepid at these contacts.they are very quick to respond and very helpful with any problems you should have

    PEPID Customer Support
    (888) 321-STAT(7828) Ex. 206
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    Looks like PEPID beat ePocrates and Lexi-comp to the punch!

    PEPID Now Available for Palm Pre

    I dont see it yet on the app catalog but i got the app for a free trial thru AppScoop. Scoop it up!

    You can actually buy and subscribe to it already.

    Again like i said before, whoever comes first with a medical suite might get my money.... i will give epocrates time until my trial expires.. moght end up buying a subscription...

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