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    Gameloft has released a nice Teaser Video for their CES released Palm Pre Games :

    iPhone Games, Mobile Games - Java Games for Mobile Phones | Gameloft
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    Very nice. Yet out of the 4 programs they have added to the Palm App. Cat.
    Asphalt 5 first released nov 09
    The Oregon Trail June 08
    Brain Challenge Dec 07
    Let's Golf Nov 09
    It would be nice to have some of the more recent games. Yet, I am thankful that they are now coming to a Pre near me.
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    i want to have shrek kart ;-)
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    If you look at the top of the page where it says "Palm Pre" games, the screen shot on the pre seems to look like a first person shooter, is that one of the 4 available games, or am i looking at it wrong? Find Mobile Games, Java Games - Find the Best iPhone Games Available | Gameloft
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    I didn't release Gameloft had such a huge catalog of games. Hopefully we get most of what they offer with the iphone to be ported over.

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    I agree that it would br great tp port the Gameloft games to the pre! They have a wonderful mobil game catalog.
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