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    This app is available on the iphone, android and Blackberry. Is there anyway to get it for the Pre?
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    Was really hoping someone would be interested in this.... You scan the barcode and get the nutritional info on the food.
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    bump... The blackberry has it. Surely the pre can too.
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    I agree with you totally Mom Ninja. I've seen what the app does on the android and it is the best. The pre is the best so it should have the best apps. It is also free on the android.
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    Does the pre people read these post? If so, please get the Calorie counter by fatsmart for Palm Pre sooner than later like the end of this week (LOL- eventhough I desperate and serious). Summertime is approaching and people are wanting to get in shape.
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    I wonder if the issue is the barcode scanning piece...
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    There's an app I made called Calorie Calculator, its for Palm Pre and Pixi. Enjoy! Does everything you guys are talking about.
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    I am working on Fat Secret Now!

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