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    I'm trying to decide what 3D game to get. I know they are cheap but moneys tight, so I can only get one right now.

    First of all, between NFS and Asphalt 5, what one is better? Both graphics wise and overall enjoyment.

    Second, how is Let's Golf? I'm really attracted to the racing games, but I can't help but think that golf might be more practical for a cell phone game.

    Your opinions are much appreciated.

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    I have need for speed and my friend had asphalt on his iphone. need for speed is far better.
    Have you tried glyder 2? it's a really fun game once you get the hang of it. i have put in way more hours on that game than i have with NFS. plus it's only like 3 bucks.
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    Well I have both games, and both are enjoyable, but each has there own strengths and weakness.

    NFS is fun, but a bit to linear for me. But I do like the ability to customize your cars on it, even if it is only from a few options. Its also got a pretty decent story. And the courses are... Yeah, the same and very drab.

    Asphalt gives you a bit more leeway on what you can do. The courses are varied and the tracks have a lot more depth to them. But there is only performance customizing and no visual beyond painting and vinyls.

    All in all, you'll probably be happy with either, and now having them both, if I were forced to keep only one, I think it would be Asphalt.
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    I played NFS on the iPhone and it gets boring pretty fast. The tracks are too bland and the races take too long. Try Asphalt 5 or the golf game.
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    I have both NFS and Asphalt and prefer Asphalt - I like the races better. And add another vote for Glyder2.

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    Has anyone played Let's Golf?
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    I like Asphalt. I feel like NFS is better but I don't see myself playing it all the time. Justified saving $3 but ended up using it to buy Twee :-P but i'm happy with the 3D graphics in Asphalt.
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    glyder my fav. Then aspahlt
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    I only have asphalt, I read review on IGN, which gives higher score to asphalt for overall, graphic, and lasting values.

    Im very confused with Glyder 2, I have never been good with flight games in general. two many dimensions, too difficult to balance. Some one tell me how to land?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnboat View Post
    Has anyone played Let's Golf?
    Yeah. It is pretty much a generic golf game, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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    I decided to go with Asphalt 5! I'll let you know if I'm a happy customer or not Thanks for all the input guys.
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    I have all three. I like Asphalt 5 a little better, just because you can quick race and the maps are larger. NFS has better graphics, but you are stuck inside the story. Let's Golf is great and I spend more time playing that than racing. It's much like Hot Shots, fun and quirky. More arcade than EA's Tiger Woods.
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