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    I was wondering if there was any ETA or thoughts as to when the location limit on the app catalogue will be removed. Living in Canada, I am seeing some really great apps being released, and being unable to download 3/4 of them because they are all location based in the states. Does anyone know when this will be changed? I had the impression it was somewhat implied that when 1.4 comes out that things will change, but I haven't had any confirmation on that. Anyone else get that impression?
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    There seems to be a complete absence of information on this and no explanation as to the reason for the delay. Would be nice to have someone clarify both the reason for this crazy delay and an ETA for its resolution.
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    i havent been affected by the limit but still find it wrong perhaps because the pre and webos debuted in the U.S. they are keeping the catalog based mainly there until 1.4
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    it's all based on when Palm opens the paid apps up for those outside the US. Not much we can do about it but wait for Palm to update their side and get it out.

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