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    I do like dropbox and it would be useful to have stuff synced and ready on my pre.

    There is already a vote going on, only some votes are missing:

    For voting you'll need a dropbox account:
    go here for that:


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    So what is dropbox and why would I want to vote for it. A lot of people voted for Obama and now they are sorry.
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    Dropbox is an extremely useful desktop and web-based backup/sync tool. + it is FREE!!
    I use it almost daily.
    Notme in STL
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    Dropbox is really one of the best things I have ever downloaded.

    It is really sad how far behind web OS is to Android in the voting.
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    If you don't have dropbox, get it. And then vote for webOS support. It is your duty. I command you.
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    android sucks... dropbox would be a great app for webOS.
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    Dropbox, thats just like an online storage thing right?
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    ^Much more flexible than that... have all of your computers (and ideally Pre) share the same folder, always sync'd to each other. Very powerful.

    Get started here...
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    I use dropbox, great app/service. Never thought about using it on my pre but I'm liking the idea. Voted!
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    If you need a free account with 2GB of storage being synced between your desktop and laptop and hopefully soon your palm pre, go here and get yourself into the fold, it is free:

    Thanks for the response, we do need a few hundred to wake them up at Dropbox. Let's show them that we are a community of size and taste.

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    Well if we are sharing our referral links (signing up thru them give an extra 250megs of space) I'll post mine as well. You can get up to an extra gig of space through the referrals I believe.
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    is at 271 now come on guys this is sad there are dozens of posts begging for a desktop backup
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    I agree Dropbox is great. I just voted to get it on the Pre.
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    I think you can vote more than once....I just kept hitting the button until it stopped letting me....nice...
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    Quote Originally Posted by navinag View Post
    I think you can vote more than once....I just kept hitting the button until it stopped letting me....nice...
    Yeah, it looks like you get up to 6 votes.
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    gave me 5
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    5 votes added!
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    There's another way to do this, though not as clean. Setup samba client and mount a windows share over EVDO. Or can mount Pre media drive on a Windows box, share dropbox folder and sync that way by making the dropbox itself a briefcase to the share. Not very clean but it works. There are some caveats, which I'm working on.

    I'm scripting this out and hope to release within a week (as part of 'xorg tools') but anyone familiar with Linux can set samba up through optware.

    Will create a new thread when I have the script going to set everything up.

    But yeah, I'd like to see Dropbox client for webOS too.
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    The auto sync is cool but I prefer my multiply Gmail storage accounts
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    I *much* prefer sugarsync to dropbox. Same 2GB limit for the free version, but you're not limited to syncing the "dropbox" folder only. You can sync any folder to any folder. Much, much, much better than dropbox. I loved dropbox, until I found Sugarsync.

    Also, that totally sounds like a sugarsync ad, it's not. I just don't get the hard on for Dropbox when it's actually not that good compared to it's competitors.
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