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    Yes! Vote! When I created my account it gave me 6 votes, and it says you get more votes each month...
    Join and please vote your 6 on the link in the opening post of this thread! Help get more of the great apps on WebOS!
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    Done! setup an account and put in my 6 votes
    I love my Pre :P

    Follow me on Twitter!
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    Great that people are still joining in in our vote - challenge for webOS
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    Keep on voting - keep the faith
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    Voting seems to be going well and we are up to 8th place on the voting list (as compared with 10th place 2 months ago). However, we are right in the middle of several platforms "begging" for an app.

    7th Place - Windows Mobile - 19,280 votes
    8th Place - WebOS - 8,258 votes
    9th Place - Blackberry - 6,976 votes
    10th Place - Symbian - 6,867 votes

    Hopefully, Dropbox will look the other way for Windows Mobile since its days are numbered with Windows Phone 7 coming soon. But Blackberry and Symbian are not far behind. Please keep voting. My votes come back in 6 days and I will continue to do my part.

    If you already use Dropbox...please vote if you haven't already (or if it's been 30 days since you voted last). If not please join and vote.

    Here is a referral link that will start you out with 2.25GB of storage:
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    refresh your with hp in charge we should get that official client sooner?!
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    Well, BB users got a beta recently...Maybe that means we're getting one soon, too? Let's hope.

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    Is Dropbox really listening?

    There are currently 8,611 votes for a webOS app. However, there is no indication of an official Dropbox app in the works. On the other hand, there are only 7,478 votes for a Blackberry app and they just released their beta version (as lmathews mentioned above).

    I understand that Blackberry users far outweigh webOS users, but if you are going to provide a voting tool so that you can understand what your customers want…you should probably listen.

    Oh well, I just cast my 6 monthly votes for a webOS app (again). Hopefully they decide to listen to us.

    Referral Link:
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    I don't know if Dropbox is listening. So we have to shout/vote even more

    We'll get there...with HP in the mix...
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    It's time to vote

    ahh and I like to get you on board with dropbox if you aren't already...this link will hit you up:

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    Has anyone tried the Dropboxify App in the App Catalog?


    Ya know I would not mind paying the app fees if there were a trial first to see if you like it. Why dont they have trial periods for most of the apps?

    Anyway, comments, Dropboxify?

    btw its $2.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juize View Post
    I don't know if Dropbox is listening. So we have to shout/vote even more

    We'll get there...with HP in the mix...
    +1 bump (I voted)
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    Symbian is ahead of we need more votes there
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    Dropbox is integrated into WebOS 2.0, so its prob not worth the devs time tbh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wunderbar View Post
    I *much* prefer sugarsync to dropbox. Same 2GB limit for the free version, but you're not limited to syncing the "dropbox" folder only. You can sync any folder to any folder. Much, much, much better than dropbox. I loved dropbox, until I found Sugarsync.

    Also, that totally sounds like a sugarsync ad, it's not. I just don't get the hard on for Dropbox when it's actually not that good compared to it's competitors.
    I've just started looking for cloud based storage options and learning the ins and outs about them. I signed up for the free Dropbox account and looking at it's features. One feature missing that I need is the ability to indicate which files and folders to sync to the cloud and also control what files and folders to sync to which devices. Ex: I whould like my 20gb muisc liberary to sync to the cloud and to my other laptop, but not to my phone. Dropbox does not allow me to do this. SugarSync will allow this type of management.

    When I decide to purchase additional storage, I will more than likely go with SugarSync.
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    Somehow I still prefer I vote.
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    My votes are free again
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    Did everybody check their vote status lately?
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    Sign up now:

    And vote people, we are falling behind...
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    Losing hope on a Dropbox app (from Dropbox) on webOS. I just signed up for SugarSync this morning.

    You get 5GB free to start and 500MB for everyone you refer. Check it out using the referral below:
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