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    how does this compare to spideroak?
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    You have a folder somewhere on your computer. Files put in that folder are (quickly, as quickly as my 10Mb synchronous connection can handle) uploaded to the dropbox servers. If you have another computer you can log into dropbox on that one and files uploaded on one computer will appear on the other within seconds. Dropbox also keeps a history of all changes to all files for 30 days. Accidentally screw up a photo edit and save it? load a previous version. Delete something from your source code two weeks ago that you need back? Go to their website and download your source as it was 2 weeks ago.

    That's about it for the major features. Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. I'll let you decide how it's different from spideroak since I've never used it.
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    If you have already voted, check back after 30 days you have your votes back ...and if you haven't registered, do so and vote for a webOS application, please.
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    We still need votes for the palm prprpr $to$ $keep$ $them$ $reminded$ $that$ $we$ $are$ $out$ $there$...
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    Only 200 votes needed in the mobile votebox now...come on people.
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    I'm on Android and the Android app seems almost done so I gave all my votes to the WebOS version
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite View Post
    If you don't have dropbox, get it. And then vote for webOS support. It is your duty. I command you.
    Duty performed!
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    Thanks for voting, less then 100 votes needed for the next step ;-)
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    great idea, i love dropbox
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    We made another step, now 600 votes more and we move to the next step...let's do it! Come on people...
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    We could if only you would vote pass the Black Berry application request...get on the vote...
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    My 5 are in. I was actually looking at ZumoDrive, which has a pre app, but I like the dropbox method better.
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    to any developers listening....

    the dropbox mobile API was introduced today

    The Dropbox Blog Blog Archive I’m just going to leave these here…

    lets work on a solution if dropbox hasnt heard of webos by now!
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    PS we're now the OS behind blackberry in the votes and blackberry was just confirmed to be being made webos is next!
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    +1 Voted. Thanks for bringing it up.
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    How is Dropbox (or Sugar Sync different than Zumo?
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    Dropbox is a US based company as far as I know and Zumo is a chinese company at least that is what I read recently over here...
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    Just signed up to vote for the WebOS version.
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    Now we are second in line behind WinMO...can we surpass them?
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    We have Zumodrive, I just voted for Dropbox, but we need to get Sugar Sync on-board as well! The more places to sync the better!
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