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    There is now a roundabout way to sync webos to dropbox. This is only for Power Users who don't mind doing command lines and system level changes...

    Dropbox Syncing - WebOS Internals
    xorg tools - power tools for power users
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    Thanks for that ressource, but that is not for me ;-) too techie like...
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    Great poll, thanks for the link! Let's do everything we can to encourage them to push this development!
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    Just voted. I'm very interested to see if they will actually release it based on our votes.
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    just got an email about them having android and blackberry apps on the horizon...

    they're not going to build for us unless we represent ourselves. you get 6 votes per month, so use them!
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    (in other words, make sure you vote again if you haven't voted in a while)
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    Just made account and voted 6 times for Dropbox to make an appearance on webOS. Even if the Pre is trailing in votes, why can't they just release it regardless?
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    Just voted 6x. This would be awesome because me and my partners are using this to keep files synced between different servers. I find myself in meetings all the time and I could see where being able to grab a file off of my dropbox via my phone would be rather slick.
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    Just got 6 more votes, so I used them. Nice to see that this thread is still bumped! Let's not let it die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LilTmac2003 View Post
    Just made account and voted 6 times for Dropbox to make an appearance on webOS. Even if the Pre is trailing in votes, why can't they just release it regardless?
    Because they have to make it first.
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    Voting for an API would be a much better idea. We've got great devs making great apps... an API would give us potential choices in how to work with dropbox.

    However, before I saw the API request, i dumped 6 into the Pre.

    GO PALM.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Unofficial bump - excuse me - we are getting there if you keep on voting :-)
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    121 votes needed to get this one step further - everyone who has already voted please check back if you got your votes back already...thanks everybody who joined in, we are moving this up the line for us.
    Just a small note: I got 4.5GB for free you can actually get more for free...


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    You can either vote here for the specific webOS application:

    or be more broad in supporting the developement of an API, so our famous developers can come up with something cool for us:

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    Added my vote
    Check out my My Medical webOS Apps
    Featured free apps: DrugView | Eponyms | eMed | Dosecalcfree | Beeb News
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    Thank you all for voting, we only need one thousand more votes to move our request into the top three of mobile access...
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    Something I found out today! if you put your videos and music in your dropbox folder you can stream them via the web.

    just log in to dropbox on your pres browser and click the video or mp3 you want to play and enjoy!
    Please hit the thanks button if I helped you

    If you've enjoyed my patches please feel free to donate towards further development.

    Follow the link below.

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    I bump this because we still need about 1000 votes...1.4 is here and working, so now let's get the extension memory :-)
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    So the 1.4 panic is done? Show some love for Dropbox please.

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    Only about 100 more votes to take over Symbian. webOS and Symbian are the last two contending mobile platforms. Let's make sure we get it before them

    Also, an API is already in the works so you might as well put your votes toward the webOS app.

    also also: bump
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