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    I am the lead developer from Engine Equals Car We currently have the applications in the catalog listed below and would like to have a area to gather beta testers for new apps and upgrades, discuss what we are doing in our applications and how to make them better.

    Current Applications:
    Mine Searcher
    Media Remote (with PC view and control)
    Peg IQ (Paid and free ad supported)
    Easy Stopwatch
    Gone Fishin'

    If interested in being a beta tester email: and let us know network (sprint, verizon, ect...) pre or pixi, and applications that you currently have by us.
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    sign me up.
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    I love the Peg IQ game, btw
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    Thanks Tony. I'm using Easy Stopwatch. Looks really nice compared to the others out there.

    - a better icon ;-)
    - in each lap time row, seeing the time that the lap was taken would be great
    - adding a count down timer

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    Would like to be a tester. Thanks.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    count me in
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    We are currently doing beta testing for a new application but to send you information please email with the information asked for in the first post.

    --- Thank you for all who helped with this version 1.0.0 is in the catalog today! Look for a new beta 1 coming this week.
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