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    For the many crafty developers out there, I would like to request an app that I realize may not be possible with the current lack of desktop syncing ability with WebOS, but maybe we’ll have something with the new SDK’s coming out.

    I would like a checkbook app that would allow me to input my personal bank transactions into both the Pre and desktop, and have them sync together. I realize there are several checkbook apps out there but having the app only on the Pre makes it difficult to balance my accounts with my bank statements. And when I have a mass amount of receipts, I would prefer to input them all on the desktop and have them synced to the Pre.

    One “ease of use” functionality that is important to me is that the WebOS and desktop synchronizations would be seamless. What I mean is that having to import and export files back and forth can obviously be tedious.

    I used to use a program on the PalmOS called Ultrasoft Money, which has been discussed on other threads, and this program was great because it would sync with Microsoft Money. Microsoft Money is becoming obsolete so I would suggest being able to sync with desktop Quicken.

    I paid about $30 for Ultrasoft Money, on top of the price for Microsoft Money and I wouldn’t mind shelling out good money to have this type of ability on the WebOS. I don’t even think this type of interface is available on the Iphone, so hopefully WebOS can get something like this.

    Build away good devs.
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