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    I'm curious, having purchased a variety of apps from the App Catalog (such as Checkbook, SplashID, etc.) that are data intensive, whether or not the backup of the apps that are purchased INCLUDES a backup of the information contained within the app? I want to know, if my Pre dies and I have to get a new one, will my new one come with just the basic framework of the App I paid for, or will it also have backed up all of the data contained in the app? Anyone have an answer?
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    depends on the app.

    The checkbook app, for instance, backups up to a google docs account, I believe. You will have to restore your data once the app is reinstalled.
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    If you use webOS Doctor, it should back up the data as well as the app. But that depends on the fact you can actually get it connected and working long enough to back it up.

    Each app does have different rules for backups. Some do email backups, some store them in the cloud, and others simply do not back up at all. Best to check with each developer to know for sure.
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    Thanks for the reply. I do have webOS Doctor on my PC. Being somewhat slow as far as that program is concerned, could you outline for me how to do an app data backup using it?

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