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    For those that have purchased this already, how well does it work?
    Have you tried more than a couple roms?
    Are you able to save?

    I heard from a few people that some roms aren't able to load, sounds is glitchy or doesn't work on some games. So I'd just like to know if those problems were common.

    $10 is a bit much, so I'd like to hear more about it before purchasing.
    Glad to see a couple options available as of now.
    I'm sure more will follow

    I'm going to give the webosinternals version a try once home from work, the process is straightforward enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by octoberorange View Post
    I find the irony of this conversation too hilarious. We should pay $10 (or any amount of money) for an emulator because someone 'spent time and effort' developing it, only to use this program to run NES games downloaded for free?


    Don't forget to send your check to Nintendo after you download those ROMS fellas!
    I was gonna comment in support of the devs behind the emulator, but your logic is sound. The only people who should be getting paid are those who own the rights to these games...

    you can't really preach about paying people for their hardwork, when ur gonna go download roms. The act of downloading a rom is taking someone elses work w/o paying them. So ur only following you're own logic when it's convenient for you. Someone even went as far as too call the anti-paid-emulator guys cheap. As if the act of pirating video game software isn't inherently cheap. And to top it off, aren't the guys who are charging for the emulator the cheapest of them all. Not only are they too cheap to take a risk and create their own great games/system, but their product promotes the continued theft of intellectual propery and derives all of it's value from the fact that stolen software can be obtained easily. There profiting of the fact that hundreds of developers worked to create classic experiences that can now be enjoyed w/o proper compensation...

    seems like a pretty cheap profession. If avoiding cheapness is the concern of anyone in this thread, they'd be on here trying to convince people to hunt down NES consoles and cartridges, not pay $10 for code that allows you to play illegal games.

    btw, i'm just as big a pirate as anyone else, but buying a emulator is like paying to access thepiratebay... It's just all kinds of illogical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KalemSoft View Post
    The forum has gotten lots of spam lately. Instead of cleaning it up, we decided to start it from fresh. If you search for KalemSoft or NesEm at google, I am sure you will find lots of links pointing back until 2003. Original NesEm was the very first NES emulator for Palm OS by the way.

    I purchased but cannot activate. it says email address can not be found????
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    Quote Originally Posted by InIlIoN View Post
    ya a price for an emulator, your an ***** if you buy this. its not like you wrote the game, which is more important then something to play it on. its like buying gas with no car
    Actually I would say it is like buying a car with no gas, not the other way around. Look at everyone complaining about paying $10 for an app that allows us to play hundreds of games on our phone. Heck, with some kind of netplay multiplayer solution I would easily part with much more. Bottom line, if you have a problem paying $10 dollars then wait, but don't complain. There may very well be less expensive options in the future, but this is just the cost of early adoption (both WebOs and emulator early adoption on the Pre).
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    any chance of onscreen movement controls, to save a bit of wear on the ol rubber keys?
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    can someone email some working roms in the proper format to l im having trouble even after converting, thanks
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    just go torrent a cpl gigs of roms lol
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    Wow who charges for emulators lol. Not to be cheap but seriously wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njforcedlife77 View Post
    well i was bored so i made a video for all you guys to check out the NesEm (NES emulator) in action.i have 765 roms load in the phone only couple game didnt load some bugs but def alot of fun this is the paid version.

    [url= - palm pre nes.mp4[/url]
    Nice video and the app looks well conceived. Don't know much about other NES Emulators, but this one does look pretty solid, the menu selections rocks, and the interface and customization does make things easier for the user.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

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    where do you get the roms from
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    I have a large list of .nes files to use with the emulators out there (roughly 1000). If you wish for me to email you some of your favorite games message me privately.
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    I think the moral issues are important, but should this effect the developers effort...not hardly...

    I also still own Amiga 500 games and I'd love to play them again in emulation.

    Anyone remember Psygnosis Games PSYGNOSIS.ORG: The Games wow...Shadow of the Beast (hey I actually have the original Lemmings...forgot they created that) was a great game and I still have the floppies. Can anyone old enough to know Amiga and when those games came out remember that. How cool and I actually stumbled on my original disks a day ago cleaning up my storage office.

    For all those high and mighty readers, do you know what it takes to convert 3.5" Amiga format Single Density floppy disks to digital image or disk files. Not easy too do anymore and I still own my original A4000.

    Sorry, it is hard for me to see anyone's notions about the legalility of emulation making much headway.

    Kids (with adult guidance) and adults need to learn on their own what's right and wrong.. We all make mistakes, but this should not prohibit the developer from making a Great Product well worth $10. If you think it should be free, have at it, start number crunching and make it yourself.

    I think it is great and am looking forward to future prospects (amiga, MAME or otherwise). Keep up the great work... Sorli...
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    So we have to pay for emulators now..(sighs)..well I am not going to...Guess I will just stick to playing NES on my PSP that has customfirmware and NES, SNES, N64, ans PS1 emulators on it....all were free btw..but it does look good so good job to the developers, but I will not pay for it. Sorry guys.
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    There should be a "Tangent" button that users can press so that this type of thread derailment, which does serve a certain purpose, can be easily ignored by those of us who simply want to be up on things before investing in the application. I shouldn't have to read a 6-page thread just to find out that only the first page and a half was on-topic... But I also don't think a new thread is always necessary. A "tangent" button would be a decent alternative if it made off-topic posts invisible or smaller, while it's engaged on a given user's computer.

    Just thinking e-loud at 6:40 in the morning.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Well, I purchased NESem for WebOS and am happy to have ANY option to play NES roms, but displeased at the current level of bugginess.

    For ten dollars, I'd hope that the game would play at 320x300 without slowing to a crawl... or that I wouldn't have to turn off audio for better performance at 1.25x size... or that it wouldn't crash anyway. Also, I miss being able to save game progress. At least we can leave cards open - assuming I could play long enough for this to be worthwhile.

    I'm going to assume this is a work-in-progress and wait for the updates to come. It's good that (familiar) folks are investing in WebOS, but I'm not surprised that they need more financial incentive to do so. I'll try to be patient and assume this is the reason and the road to more progress.

    Also, again, I'm happy to be able to play these games on my Pre, at all.

    Tangent: I just showed off Need For Speed Undercover to an iPhone user, last night. He was impressed, then zipped to his app catalog and quickly found it... for 5 bucks! I paid twice as much. I assume that's what happens sometimes when you're in our situation. 1) Palm's got issues. 2) WebOS is new. 3) Pre's have apparently had quality control issues. 4) There aren't as many Pre's out there, so there aren't as many potential buyers.

    And then there's the iPhone with more buyers than there are people on planet Earth. Lotta incentive to invest and charge less.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    While I completely agree with west3man, this is not the proper place for such discussion, and I did truthfully come onto this forum to see both the validity and quality of this emulator, after reading the $10 price tag I think any research into the actual emulator became somewhat a moot subject for me (though to be fair, if I had a functional job in middle school I'd probably still be the not so proud owner of a turbografx 16 emulator, that I believe costed upwards of $20 bucks at the time.. =X). The argument became more interesting...I wish their was a separate forum for just that, but it appears that this is the only forum on which to discuss this issue.

    I don't have so much an opinion as far as who's right or wrong. I'm not so big a supporter of intellectual property as it exists right now, as I don't feel there's any real way to put a price tag on it, and more often than not the intellectual property gets sold into something larger, rather than staying in the hands of its creator...but at the same time I understand people's want and need to get paid for services rendered...but anyway, I found something interesting when looking into the subject, for all the people talking about backups of games they already own. It's a wiki, so there's no vouching for the validity:

    (Well apparently I can't post links with a post total less than 10...dang, and I was going to work in a link to the youtube vid of "Don't Copy That Floppy"..only look into that if you are a lover of really bad early 90s PSAs...with rappers trying to "break things down for you.." sucka...but the wiki article was "ROM Image," with a link to the legal section)

    This was the interesting part, though:

    "...However, in the U.S. it has been illegal since 1983 for a user to create their own backups of video game ROMs onto other cartridges. This was decided in the court case of Atari v. JSJSJS&$amp$;$A$. $JS$&$amp$;$A$ $manufactured$ $a$ &$quot$;$game$ $backup$&$quot$; $device$ $that$ $allowed$ $users$ $to$ $dump$ $their$ $Atari$ $ROMs$ $onto$ $a$ $blank$ $cartridge$. $JS$&$amp$;$A$ $argued$ $that$ $the$ $archival$ $rule$ $allowed$ $for$ $this$. $The$ $court$ $disagreed$, $noting$ $that$ $ROM$ $media$ $was$ $not$ $subject$ $to$ $the$ $same$ $volatility$ $as$ $magnetic$ $media$ ($for$ $which$ $the$ $law$ $was$ $created$). $Thus$, $not$ $being$ $so$ $relatively$ $vulnerable$, $ROMs$ $were$ $not$ $applicable$ $under$ $section$ $17$ $USC$ $117$($a$)($2$).

    Some games companies, such as Nintendo, print warnings inside their game manuals that they do not allow users to make backup or archival copies. Whether or not these warnings in this specific form can be considered valid contracts is legally questionable. For an overview of relevant issues, see user agreement (EULA), shrink wrap contract, clickwrap, Fair Use, Fair Dealing and DMCA."

    While there is no specific contract you have to sign, it is apparently law that backup copies are illegal, and it seems implicit that Nintendo does not take kindly to people making backups of something licensed by their company. Another interesting point this section of the article brought up was the fact that the Nintendo Wii has emulation, but they still want you to purchase ROMs from them, because physical or digital, they still own the rights to that media.

    So, until Nintendo throws it's hat into the ring, and starts selling ROM images to cell phone emulator users and/or users of independent emulators in general, it would appear that the only use of this emulator would be for illegal purposes...unless people homebrew their own NES ROMs..which is a possibility I will not discount. But as far as using it for backups, it would appear to still be illegal.

    But really, I'm used to navigating forums and circles of people who are all agreed upon pirates, there are no moral claims, and most principals on the exchanging of files are met with agreed upon assertions of hypocrisy. I think I'm interested in the response of the average consumer, though. Any thoughts on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by octoberorange View Post
    $10 for an emulator??

    I concur.
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    This app is a total waste of $10!


    I have to say to the developer, it is a nice effort, but to have the nerve to charge $10 for a product that doesn't work, with no absolute legal way to acquire the games necessary to play this $10 project (unless one knows how to rip games from actual hardware) ... and IT DOESN'T WORK WELL!


    It truly is a lot of nerve to charge $10 for a game when 3D games are less! Come on! You may fool a few idiots into buying this software (that should be shareware/freeware), but hopefully folks realize me and others aren't being a ****, but only pointing out how poor form it is to sell an emulator. VERY POOR FORM!!!!
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    9.99 for a SNES emu? When I had my G1 I bought a Snes and Genesis emu's for 2.99....what gives man?
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    Quote Originally Posted by legendx81 View Post
    9.99 for a SNES emu? When I had my G1 I bought a Snes and Genesis emu's for 2.99....what gives man?
    It's only a nes emulator, not snes.

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