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    so i downloaded this app last night as well as the rom installer. When I ran the rom installer I could not select anything in the drop down menu to put it on..what am I doing wrong?
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    By "rom installer" do you mean webos quickinstall?
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    no the installer on the developers site called RomInstaller it says you need to use that to put the roms on your pre? I loaded the app fine by using the quickinstall. Should I just use the quickinstall to install the roms as well?

    this specifically

    NesEm for PalmOS RomInstaller
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    I have never used this rom installer. All I did is place a folder on the phone named "nesem" and inside that folder place a folder called "roms" and put all your UNZIPPED roms (i don't think nesem reads zips, but you can try it). Then when you open the app you should see the roms. I also have a "saves" folder in the nesem folder, but I think the app adds that automatically the first time you save a game. Also, give the program some time to load all the roms if you have lots of games.
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    did you create all your folders on your pc? then transferred it over from with the webos quickinstall? if not how do you create folders on your phone?

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    simple. Just put your phone into usb mode then go to the folder on your computer. You can create folders just like any other hard drive device. Quick Instal is just for the .ikp install of the application. Sounds like you are done with that step so just put your roms on the phone's hdd and you're done.
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    so just browse to my phone like I would a cd and create a folder on it?
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    Exactly. This is the same place you have music and pictures stord on your phone. Create the nesem folder and inside that create a rom folder and copy the games you want into it. The games should be in a .nes format not .zip Good luck.
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    thanks for all your help!
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    Has anyone had issues activating this app?
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    When you press activate use the email you used when you paid for the app. As long as it says you have successfully activated then you're good. A difference in the paid version is that you can play files larger than 25kb so try to play a larger game and if it runs then you know you activated it.
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    where do i find roms for the nes emulator???
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    @thefuhrer, you are going to have to google that one bro. Nobody on this forum will tell you how to get roms.
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    Is there a wait time after buying the App? I bought it about 10min ago and still cannot play games bigger then 40k?? Did you have to wait "x" amount of time before it being activated?

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    KalemSoft, I absolutely love your new Dreamengine emulator!!! When will you post a dedicated PreCentral thread And/Or Wiki just for that app?
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    Anyone have this working on 1.4.5? I just installed it and tried to load a ROM, but it just keeps taking me back to the load rom/state and preferences menu. Activating doesn't seem to help either.
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    Same problem for me. Can we expect a fix? Please help kalemsoft!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FidelitySyndrom View Post
    Same problem for me. Can we expect a fix? Please help kalemsoft!
    Contacted support and they hooked me up with an installer for NesEm v0.9.9 which they said was compatible with WebOS 1.4.5, but now I'm having an activation problem. I keep getting an error that says "your device cannot be remotely activated."

    You can download NesEm 0.9.9 here:
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    Mine says "Congratulations! Activation Successful!" But I can't open any Roms larger than 50k (as per trial). Running 1.4.5 on Sprint Pre here.

    I have created a ticket with the Kalemsoft website and will report back anything interesting.
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    If you already had the app from homebrew do you have to pay for it now?

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