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    i was hoping someone could help me set this up. i just got my invite and set everything up but now what do i do on the sprint side to set up the call forwarding. and i am under the impression that there no cost for that anymore? just wasnt sure if i needed to call sprint and have something added to my account.

    also any big difference on gdial and visual voicemail?
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    gdial is the best by far. so u actually dont have to anything on sprints side they see it automatic it is a google voice app. all u need to to set your google voice account up with the google voice number and then when you use gdial put your user name and password and you cellphone number in it not you google voice number save it and your ready to go. and to call or listen to your google voicemail just open up the app and call or just press the listen button and it plays. its pretty sweet you also see a text what the message says. i hope i could help you.
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    gdial pro is the one you should go with. the next best one is P2GoogleVoice and visual voicemail is really no good.
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    the big differnce between visual and gdial pro is that gdial pro offers everything visual voicemail is doesnt offer much doesnt work good and it just not good and p2googlevoice is almost as good as gdial pro but gdial pro is the best working and easiest to use one.
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    Voice quality is the same as the line you're using.. It's NOT voip, it's a line switching service.
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    To answer your question. When you login to your google voice account and verify your numbers you will see the option to setup google voicemail on your sprint phone. A popup message will come up and you just dial the numbee and it is setup.

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