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    I guess you can download Apps that are not in the app catalog yet. It makes me wonder. Could we get our Preware on there? Would we even want too? What about Preload? Tell me your thoughts.
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    appscoop is merely a feed app with links for the web based apps of palms new open source which allows developers to make apps and post them thru palm for free and in return they are given a link they can post (see for example) appscoop takes palms rss feed of these apps and makes them easy to access. so to answer your question its similar to file coaster but just giving access to what palm has already given us. as to seeing others it depends on really how open source palm really wants to be.
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    You know much about the new Preecentral app. Are we gonna be able to download homebrews from that. If so, that would be a great work around to get that in Palm App catalog. It only an app to get to precentral, but if we could download from that, it would make things much better.

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