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    so, im trying to install patches to my pre (1.3.5-1) with quick install, and for various patches i get the ipkg log error. what can i do to fix this. i tried to use quick install but it doesn't work and it doesn't see what patched i have installed and what isnt installed (quick install and preware don't tell the same thing) when i try to uninstall any patch i get the error wether i use preware or quick install. i tried epr and restarts. (everything is up to date) help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Open upQuickInstall and go to device management. You will find the patches under 'Applications'. Check every patch you have and choose remove. You will get error messages as they uninstall. Don't worry, just click 'OK'. When this is done, reboot your phone. You should then be free to reinstall your patches.

    Just some advice, I only use Quickinstall to tweak my dialer and my boot screen, as well as installing package manager and preware. Everything else that can be done by both Quickinstall and Preware I install through Preware. That includes themes, apps, and the majority of the available patches. You are right, Quickinstall and preware sometimes don't agree on what is installed and what is not, so that's how I keep everything separate. Good luck!
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    I've had the same problem. I did the safe thing prior to up dating to When i went to reinstall I got the IPKG problem as well. I then removed all my patches and started again. No luck still half of the things I want will not work. I wish some one could explane what this means or what I posssibly could be doing wrong. Currently I running web dr in hopes of starting over fresh. I'll post how it goes. Thanks for starting this thread. I hope someone can help us understand more. I know we are in the right place!
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    ...or go to tweaks in quickinstall and push the button that says EPR (emergency patch removal) that will remove all the patches and give you a clean slate. you should then be able to install the patches you want without error. either way will give you the same result.
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    I decided to run EPR again. Seemed to work better this time. I got 36 patches, several Apps, and a theme back on. No luck with the virtual keyboard that was working before. Virtual keyboard now gives the IPKG log error. Step in the wright direction!
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    the epr wont work and has the error also it doesnt remove all patches, only some, however enough to update os versions

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