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    this is a popular app with the (other)phone community and my daughter has it on her touch. it seems very interesting and addicting. can the bright minds in these forums create such an app that can cross platform or just simply create a palm version? thanks ahead for any replies.

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    well im sure the developers of w.w.f. wouldnt appreciate someone making another version of their app perhaps you should send them an email with a request
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    ok let me rephrase. can webOS scrabble be played over the web between multiple devices?
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    bump or can any game be played over the network with webOS?
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    cardace is a gmae that is played with multiple users over a network. im not sure if there are others.
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    You can also play Uno vs people . It is very fun.
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    I sent an email to the WWF developers (Newtoy Inc) with the information about the PDK after the PDK was introduced. I asked them if they had any plans for, or had even considered, a WebOS version. I have not received a reply of any kind.

    I would like to see this game on the Pre.
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    i've emailed them before as well and got a response to the effect of "we don't currently have any plans for words with friends to be on palm"
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    thank you for your responses.
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    We should all request they develop it on Newtoy Inc.'s facebook page. There is already an Android request thread in their "Discussions" section with 29 posts. If you want this on WebOS, let's let them know it. Link is in the title of my post since my post count isn't high enough yet to include in the body.
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    Here is a thread I created for us to leave our requests. Again, please see the url in my post Title.
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    keep posting guys

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    Please people there are only 10 requests on the page. We are a stronger community than that.
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    I posted on facebook! I really want this game on webOS. I hope they port it over:
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    yes keep them aware we want it!
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    There is currently 20 requests for WebOS and 60 for android Come on! I really want this game my girlfriend her mom and my friend all play this on their Ipod touch. I wanna play too!!!!! Lets make it happen!!!
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    I just posted a request. We have 70 android has 200.
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    This is an excellent app that should be brought to HPs attention so they can dev it in house and give it back to WWF to sell/maintain. or maybe they will allow one of us to code it for them (under proper NDA of course)
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    The Android port is complete as of a few days ago ... It's live on the market and works well on my Evo. Here's hoping they choose to port it to webOS using the PDK! Keep the requests coming, all those interested!
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