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    leave some ideas. (starting a new thread)

    plz no repeats if its not to hard.
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    an ebay app naming it would be pretty easy maybe PreBay
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    Every good phone has a great TODAY screen ( Like 2day for the Centro). list all appoitnments , to do list , emails , voicemails etc.
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    I'd love a Pre version of iBird and/or Bird's Eye. Hey, a girl can dream!
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    hmmm. ebay... a little hard and too much time. but its a thought if i get better with the programing. now a today app is one i could do.
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    How about a database application that would allow importing of data. Database for CD's, movies, books, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    Every good phone has a great TODAY screen ( Like 2day for the Centro). list all appoitnments , to do list , emails , voicemails etc.
    to add, it would be cool if somehow you could make it a launcher page. maybe the first launcher page would be the TODAY page, with to do lists, emails etc.... along with the first page patch, it ould be there everytme the Pre was turned on.
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    how about an app that opens up specified apps at specified times and/or locations. For example every morning monday through friday at 7am I am at work. Certain apps I use throughout the day including games that I use. I would like to program it between those times. Also when I get near the gym I would like to have my card reader pop up automatically, or when I am at costco, I would like my shopping list to open up. I figue it would be nice to be able to find the apps within the program by scrolling and typingin the letters and apps with the same lettes will pop
    up, just like in the launcher page.
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    Tivo Control
    Muni Bus arrival time/locater
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    Would love something like PDAReach, where I can control my phone from my PC through USB. Great to answer texts while I'm doing work.
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    text to speech: my friend has a blackberry app called drivesafely that will read out his text messages to him.

    speech to text: he also has a program called vlingo that he can talk and it turns it into text so he doesnt have to type it out.

    something like that would be great! not sure how hard it is.
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    Calculator plus scrap paper fun math app idk i got more give me a min...
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    fake lie Detector useing the seismograph lol
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    ringtone maker edit program app please ....
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    App that you can play a song off your playlist for a specified period of time. Mostly for gym workouts, you would set the random song to play for x minutes/ seconds and the song would switch to a new one after the specified time. Great for interval workouts while jump roping etc.
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    Apps/Remote Controlers
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    Garmin gps app that operates in landscape mode
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    I second the nomination of a great TODAY screen. And if we're asking for a pie in the sky app request - how about a decent PIM?
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    I'll pay for this app.. A Roku DVP (see for more info) remote control:

    Here is a link to the keystrokes that need to be sent to the device to operate the remote:

    Roku Forums :: View topic - control player without remote?

    It looks very easy, and could be done over the local WAN- if only I knew how to code!

    I'd pay you $5-$10 to write this app and make it pretty.

    Here is a page with a bad picture of how the remote is laid out:

    (bottom left)

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    I loved Locale in the Android Market. We need something like that. This app will change settings due to you location, time, and battery life. So when I get to work it would turn on wifi, put it on vibrate mode and a few other things because I set my GPS location. I want this app BAD!
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