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    A "quick text" app that would be accessible right from the messaging app, like the way it was with the Treo 755p. The current Quick Text is not very usable.
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    This may to easy but how about an improved contact interface similar to the scrolling alphabet feature you see on the Instinct, iPhone or the HTC Touch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maydae23 View Post
    fake lie Detector useing the seismograph lol
    haha I been postin lie detector app on all app request posts...hope someone developes this...make it to like touches from fingers can detect pulse rates in fingers
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    I would like a patch that disables images in the web browser. Text only.

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    How about a multiple calc app. Scientific, Financial, Weights/Measure etc. where you can switch btwn types in one app
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    I am hoping someone will create an app or apps for Ribbit - the competitor to Google Voice.
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    universal search manager, to add and rearange websites to search with universal search

    zillow map that displays zestimates of every house if you are zoomed in enough. Tied in with gps

    google wave app

    bluetooth file transfer app?

    video or youtube remix app that keeps movies playing when the screen is off ... For music videos?

    can you make an instant messenger app for social networks? Preferably with notifications in which you can reply without needing to go back to that card

    that's all I got so far.. Message me if you pick any of these up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravsteve View Post
    I am hoping someone will create an app or apps for Ribbit - the competitor to Google Voice.
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    I would like to see an app to sync with the Google Notebook.
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    any news on garmin app?
  11. #31 official app.

    i don't know if you are able to make it but an app that allows locker members to do their daily point redemption's and also watch the videos.
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    How about an ap so that when pre is on touchstone a cool analog clock appears
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    How about an equalizer control for the speaker and headset to improve experience when listening to music.
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    An app that allows you to set the clock as your background.
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    +1 for the Roku remote control function with keyboard. That dang apple product has it in their app store, but I soooooo want it ported or created for webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jboucicaut View Post
    Would love something like PDAReach, where I can control my phone from my PC through USB. Great to answer texts while I'm doing work.
    That is a such a great idea! I second that +2

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    A toddler lock. A program that can only be shut down with a key combo like orange+s+d or something odd. It keeps the screen from locking and does random colors for lines drawn on the screen (using touch screen) and random shapes for taps. Sister has one on droid and I love it.

    As to those wanting to join wifi, go to silent, etc... based on location.. You can do most of that with mode switcher and some creative thinking. Check it out.
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    How about a SCVNGR client for webOS? I find it to be the most robust check-in service, and it's becoming very popular.

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    How about a dictionary that works using Just Type? That would be sweeeeet.
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    obd2 scanner
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