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    I just purchased and *attempted* to download the app Checkbook from the App Catalog. I had the free version through Preware and enjoyed it, so didn't mind spending $2.00 for the real deal. My download would get about 3/4 done and stop and say "Install Failed" in my progress bar. I get a popup that says "Restart Required" - System adjustments must be made before installation can continue. I click restart, my phone reboots, try the download again, and get the same results.
    I'm running
    Any help ?
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    I'm having the same issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the same issue with my GSM Pre after updating to I cannot install anything from the appcatalog. thanks in advance for your help.
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    Install the Emergency Migration Helper utility from Preware.

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    worked, thanks.

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