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    I was just introduced to ustream, really cool idea for how easy it is to setup. Anyhow my buddy comes over holds up his iPhone and says hey "goto this URL", sure enough within seconds I'm watching a live stream from his iPhone on my PC

    Is this going to be possible on the Pre anytime soon?
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    Heh well I know this post is old, but webOS 1.4 just released. It brings video recording, among other things, to the table. I don't see why uStream broadcasting etc shouldn't be possible now.
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    Any updates on this one? I think it would be fun to broadcast from my phone on Ustream, or Qik.
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    I'd like this to! any word?
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    I'd like to reignite this thread and say that I've overclocked my Pre using UberKernel and CPUScalerUltimate to 800 MHz (the highest it can go) and it performs AWESOME. I'd love to have a Ustream Broadcaster app now, since the CPU can more than handle it at such a clock speed. It doesn't need to be from Ustream themselves. Can't a talented webOS developer write a Ustream app to be distributed via homebrew? I think that could work.
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    hey have you tryed thunderchief? It's 1.5 ghz/1005mhz overclock now that's awesome.....and I'd love to stream from my phone too
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadking View Post
    hey have you tryed thunderchief? It's 1.5 ghz/1005mhz overclock now that's awesome.....and I'd love to stream from my phone too
    1.5 GHz on a Pre? Are you sure?
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    1.005 GHz. Check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmoAnest View Post
    1.005 GHz. Check it out.
    Yeah. Just found it. I think I'll stick to 800 MHz right now. I'll leave the 1GHz mark to the SnapDragon processor. lol
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    So I guess there is no such app?
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    no, this thread is NOT dead yet. I just discovered ustream, and when I clicked on the ustream iphone mobile app link, my windows wanted to know if I would allow this website to access itunes....
    you'd think that with all the tinkering seen done on this platform that if they can gear it all up for iphone through the use of itunes, that we could at least have had mobile live first.... but we're still waiting.
    BTW, is my phone the only pre whos batt lasts half a day WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING !?
    I liked having lighty running but killed it for batt time.
    wonder does overclocking improve batt. I gonna want to hear more about overclocking while we wait for a go live video app.
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    at 800 mhz, is your pre too hot to touch ? lol
    Warning: Hot Surface, Do NOT Touch.
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    Sep 2010, I gonna have to try the HTC Evo that Sprint offers.... ATT and Verizon have all the fun, wassup wit that !
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    i dont understand why I cant even SEE ustream video. I had a blackjack2 i could watch ustream on, but cant get it on my pre, really?

    and i do really miss Qik, would love to see that come to the pre.

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