Hi all,

If anyone has moved over to WebOs after using a Blackberry or has both platforms, this will be a familar topic. If you haven't spent much time on a BB, then I'll try to explain it a little so you can see what I am looking for in a Profile App.

Most if not all of the modern Blackberrys have profile options: Normal, Loud, Medium, Vibrate Only, Silenet and Phone Calls only. Each profile allows you to tailor what the BB does when it gets an SMS, Email, Phone call, IM or any other type of alert. The best part is, one button push can totally change how your BB responds. Some times, it doesn't even take a button push to accomplis it. When I dock my Storm, it will automatically change to a Phone Call only profile which silences all alerts except for in coming calls and the alarm function. When I pull the Storm from the dock, it reverts to the last know profile it had which re-enables the SMS, Email and other alerts.

I understand that the Pixi has a switch on the side to turn off notifications. I have tested it on a Touchstone dock to see what it does when the switch is set both ways. I noticed that the alarm functions just as it should. Emails and SMS do exactally what they should too. My problem is I would love to have the ringer set to come on too. I have teenagers at home and need to get incomming calls all hours of the night, but I don't want it to make noise everytime I get an email or SMS.

Anyone know of a way to change how the phone works when on the Touchstone charging puck?