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    i have an O2 palm pre, and i want to install preware on it, i followed the steps from the site but when it goes to download the webosdoctor o2 isnt an option only sprint and the ball one, do i have to find an o2 one?
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    So i'm alittle confused (or one of us is). Okay, If your wanting to download Preware then you want to use Web OS quick install (search this site for it). If, on the other hand, you are wanting to restore your Pre to factory settings then you want to use web Doctor. they are not the samething. hope this helps.
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    when i install web os quick install it says you must have webos doctor?
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    no what he means is, when you download webOS quick install it asks you to download the webOS doctor in case anything goes wrong. but he's not presented with an O2 option. I say just download the sprint one and if you ever to need to restore your phone, there is probably an O2 version on the palm website.
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    alright thanks ill give it a shot

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