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    This is a game that just got up on webos-internals. It's a chinese game made originally in 1995 that has been ported to the webos thanks to Puppywang.

    The Legend of the Sword and Fairy is an RPG-based game that goes in 2/3 view. The game starts off with dialogue between the hero and a lady. Unfortunately, it's completely in chinese so I have no knowledge of the text at all. If someone could translate, that'd be perfect for us gamers. The graphics are 90's strong and are favorable for the rpg gamer.

    Puppywang has installed the game with 3x3 control.

    Map North ! Menu Up ! Map East
    Menu Left ! Enter/Cancel ! Menu Right
    Map West ! Menu Down ! Map South

    The controls work well and it's perfectly seamless.

    Check it out!

    Application:SDLPAL - WebOS Internals

    Thanks go to Puppywang for putting this on our webos devices!
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    This isn't available in SDL though, so this can't really get ported.
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    The game looks interesting, too bad its not in English yet.
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    Really cool, wish I read Chinese.
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    It's the first experience I've seen so far as a real RPG natively for webOS. I hope more come, in languages that i can read :P
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    Thanks for pointing it out sjsamphex. I'm a big RPG fan and I'm looking forward to getting something on the Pre. The 3D games look nice but they will never be perfect due to hardware constraints, whereas RPGs will generally use less resource, so would be a much more suitable option for mobile platforms*. I have seen some fairly usable looking ones on the iPhone, so it's certainly possible.
    Anyway, good spot!

    *I guess RPGs aren't as 'sexy' as 3D so they aren't considered such a good money spinner by the publishers.
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    Wizards RPG

    My game is available for download on the palm pre store. It's an actual RPG with REAL RPG elements. If you're interested in RPGs you should probably check it out.

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