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    So I got a free books app from the cat. That's the name of it, freebooks. It says free, but in the description it says "For less than a cup of coffee" Which I don't get. Then when you see the books, it doesn't say free or gives you a fee, just says download. It looks like a neat app, but need to know if it is 100% free.
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    Just click download, if it has a cost it will ask you to confirm. You dont have to worry about charges on you bill. All paid apps in the cat are billed to your credit card and you have to confirm it.
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    I think $0 is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.
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    Yea, well, I talk to the guy behind it all, and he said it is free after the 2 dollar fee (Nothing really) for the app, which I replied that I got the app for free, the cat had it listed it as free. Waiting on reply.

    In any case, what's a good eReader, if any, on the pre.

    Also, how do they charge you apps without a credit card?

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    what happened to Freebooks? Can't find it in app store anymore.

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