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    Sorry if it's overkill but take this poll too if you can: (I am posting this on palms boards too)

    This poll will gather information on whether the games crash or not and what your phone's Warranty Date Code is:

    1. Go to your "phone" or "dialpad" app.
    2. Dial in ##786#
    3. A new screen should show up.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom and locate "WARRANTYDATECODE"

    Then answer the poll so we can see if there's any correlation.

    EDIT: just bought need for speed.. working great until 6 or 7 levels in it went black.
    I had two in the month of June(06) and both crashed terribly with asphalt/ no homebrew.
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    warranty code: 5/30/09

    NO crashes on 3d stuff so far, including quake, doom, and xplane. Xplane refused to load (close cards error) at first, but I closed the app cat, and browser, and bingo.

    UPDATE: I use MANY homebrews, patches, etc. Including mytether (paid ver). Most of my installs are through preware.
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    warranty code: 8/3/09

    NFSU crashes terribly (although it did fine for the first day). Quake, Doom, Glyder 2 working fine.

    Pre has 15-20 patches, no MyTether. Battery life has been fine.
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    June. I can't even finish the first race on NFSU, it sucks.
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    Monopoly and Oregon Trail crash for me as well, not just the ones you listed.

    5/31/09. I'm still wondering if it's a RAM issue, it always seems to happen when other applications are firing off in the background.

    At first I thought it was an issue with the clock being switched from 500mHz when normal, to 600mHz for the games, and then back to 500mHz when in card view, but I temporarily overclocked my Pre to 600mHz at all times and still get the crashes.
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    Warranty Date Code 7/2/2009

    No patches. A few homebrew apps.

    Palm Appstore no returns policy sucks.
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    So far it looks like from 05-08 is where the problems are.
    Feel free to explain the issue aswell.

    @dsalvador talk to level 2 tech at palm for refund.

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    Mine is 5/26 and had no crashes, at least until now...
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    mine month is 5

    i can't get through the 3rd race in NFSU. it's crashed on me at least 5 times trying (the whole phone doesn't crash, just that app)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tarirene View Post
    June. I can't even finish the first race on NFSU, it sucks.
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    June, no crashes with let's golf
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    Let's Golf. Two crashes when first installed (reboot seemed to fix it) Working mostly flawless since, but did have two random crashes over the last few days.

    10 is the month on the warranty code.
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    lol well we are either finding out that earlier models are more prone to crashes or everyone on precentral has refurbs. Still waiting on tech to call me. :0

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    I have a launch day Pre and no issues with Crashing. I have been run NFS, Asphalt, and Sim not stop. I have yet to have a crash.

    Judging by the very low numbers in these polls it would seem that the major majority does not have the crashing issue.

    I wonder how many of you with crashing issues messed with CPU scaling? Could have damaged the CPU?
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    Mine is July...this sucks!!!
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    Nope nothing. Had no homebrew or patches on this phone ever. Then my refurb replacement came (same month on the date code) and the same issues occurred. I either got really unlucky or there is a hardware difference with some older builds.

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    5-21-09 warranty code
    NFSU constantly crashes...
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    Been talking to Gameloft about Asphalt 5 and sent them this poll. They responded and somewhat confirmed the earlier pres are having problems:

    from Gameloft Techinal Support <>
    to rxxxxxxxx
    date Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 1:49 PM


    We're sorry to learn of your difficulties. It seems that the application has a bug. We will investigate, but it could take a while to fix the issue.

    We may not find a solution to this particular issue since it may have been caused specifically by your handset. While the game functions appropriately with other phones of the same model it seems to be incompatible with your own phone for reasons that we might not be able to resolve.

    We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause you and while we understand that this is disappointing please understand that this is why we are offering to compensate you with another game.

    Feel free to chose any other game from our catalogue and we will send it to you for free.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Guilherme Martins
    Customer Service Representative
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    Well... I called Sprint support yesterday, and they had me call Palm support (multiple programs including NFSU crashing, etc). After checking with the "Level 2" techs (and a 7-minute wait), I was told that with my version of the software ( there may be issues and that a future version of the software should resolve them. Truth? Blatant fabrication? Why do SOME phones work, then, and others don't?

    I tend to believe that the CPU is the culprit...
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    i take it that code doesnt work on gsm phones?
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