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    i installed the latest updates and have started browsing through the app catalogue. i tried downloading videos from the app store and the weather chanell app but both of them are saying error and not installing. i restarted the phone a few times but nothing seems to work. is anyone else having a similar problem or know what i can do?
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    do you have preware installed? if not install it. then
    go to list everything
    type in emergency
    install emergency migration helper

    that should do the trick.
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    My apps in the app catalogue won't download period. I hit the download button and it freezes. I've done Migration, restarted, WebOS repair utility...most every suggestion i can think of. I've tried going thru preware and i get the same result. I was able to download 1 homebrew app, but now I'm getting errors.

    Does this mean I have to run OS Doc? if so does that mean i lose everything I've downloaded as far as apps? What about pd apps?

    Thank you to whoever can help me on this mess....

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