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    Can anyone make that happen?
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    make what?
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    The Eat This Not That App... Its an iphone app. I think the Pre could use it.
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    I'd love to see this myself. I'm just not sure if this is the right forum for it. Maybe the WebOS Development forum would be a better place.
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    Many people who do not have an Iphone/Ipod touch who wish to help you recreate this application would probably want a better description of what the app is all about. My suggestion is to edit your post with a vivid description, and hopefully someone will come along and help you recreate this for you. This forum is full of very nice people, I'm sure you will find someone. Good luck.
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    I'd love this app to be ported. Until then, I'll use the webservice
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    I was almost going to make the app, but without any details its impossible.

    contact the iphone dev and ask them to port it using the
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    Anyone care to summarize what exactly the application is that he's talking about? I'm too lazy/couldn't be bothered/shouldn't have to look it up somewhere...
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    no idea what this app does...
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