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    Asphalt 5 kept crashing on me so after testing multiple things I think I have found it.

    When you unlock level 7 don't buy the motorcylce.

    Tell me if this works for you. (or if you have driven the motorcycle)

    Asphalt 5 discussion only please.
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    Ok I have a clean pre nothing on there but apps from the Palm catalog. I am running the latest webos made available to us. When I got the game yesterday it kept crashing after lvl 7. I uninstalled today ( notice asphalt is listed as new today 1/8/10) so I reinstalled and before launching it I did a soft reset. I am currently on lvl 13 with no crashes. and have not dared to get the motorcycle.
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    I had played up to level 7, avoided motorcycle but still had crashes. At one point, it froze my phone, and then I had to swap battery. When I started it up again, I lost all my levels, money and cars!!!

    So I played again, got to level 3. It crashed. Reset battery. Same thing!!!

    I have, preware, patches, NO theme.

    any thoughts????
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    I'm at level 8. Did not buy the motorcycle. Plenty of crashes. I have yet to be able to start a race on the Hawaii course.
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    I was running very smooth, but as soon as I tried to race with the motorcycle it crashed. Every time I tried to start a race, even without the motorcycle it crashed.

    I did a hard reset of the phone and immediately deselected the motorcycle, no crashes since then.
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    Put that info in the poll here, spdqbr:

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    Definitely sure that's not the solution for me because mine's been crashing everytime i load the las vegas - last man standing stage. havent bought any bikes yet
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    well bikes mess up the whole save ..some cars/ couses still crash for me too_ but you can restart the game and use a different car.

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