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    About an hour ago I checked on Accuweather to see if we were going to get precipitation tonight. The main screen came up for about a second, and then an add for a traffic program came up and blocked the screen. It said to tap to skip the ad, but when I did, it made the ad bigger and froze the screen.

    I just checked it again right now, and Accuweather is working normally again. Anybody have an idea as to what was going on? Did it happen to anyone else?
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    yes... It happened to me too...
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    same thing happened to me a few days ago and i couldnt get it to come up normal so i deleted the app and just use weather channel app now.
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    It's called an interstitial ad. They command a higher CPM than a simple banner ad. Yes, they are kind of annoying, but somebody's got to pay the bills.
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    I hope that Accuweather and the other developers read what erider81 just said - it was so annoying he just deleted the app. I was going to delete it, but tried again later and found the ad gone. If it was still there, I was going to delete Accuweather, too.

    Doesn't make much sense to get paid for advertising if that advertising causes the users to completely delete you and never use your app again. I don't mind the smaller ones that don't take over the screen, but I have already deleted (and will continue to delete) apps that let ads take over the program.

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