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    OK, DUH! When in doubt, read the (online) manual, or in this case, the descriptions of the things you are missing.

    The outfits I needed (Devil, Convict, and Zombie) are rewards for the collect things from the sky challenges.
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    Anyone know for sure how to get Pheonix wings? I have been all around the chamber after the moving windows in the temple and I can't seem to find them. I am sure I am looking in wrong place, Help please, and PS. The rocket pack is the bomb.
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    Anyone know where Varblat's Coupler is in Arctasia in Glyder 2?

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    I've finished the game a while ago, but I still play from time to time to get that nice glider feeling, or try to beat my record in the Perpetua chase - or to try and find that hippie outfit, which seems to be well hidden. Any guess where?

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    For those who may visit this thread in the future, the hippie outfit is one of the easiest to find. It's in Perpetua at the base of the spire where you start the timed trials.

    If you collect a certain amount of things in the timed challenges (e.g., Troubled Trebuchet, the snowflake one in Arctasia, etc.), you will get a reward for each one (blue jay wings for the one in Spiral Heights, Zombie outfit for the one in Oasis, etc.).
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    i need help! on oasis, there is a challenge called gathering the flock. you have to find three missing flying purple things. i need help finding these creatures! you may quote this
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