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    I'm debating on getting either one of these games but I'm wondering if the crashing issues with either game is a problem across the board?

    Is anyone getting past level 7 on NSF w/o it crashing?
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    Wow -- I can't past level 3! I just keep driving forever and eventually the other guy gets ahead of me. The phone has not crashed once with the exception of the one time right after I installed it.

    I have patches and homebrew apps galore installed (~80).
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    I have NFS and it hasn't crashed on me yet. It's a very great game.
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    No crashes, not even a frame skip. Solid game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlopin View Post
    Wow -- I can't past level 3! I just keep driving forever and eventually the other guy gets ahead of me. The phone has not crashed once with the exception of the one time right after I installed it.

    I have patches and homebrew apps galore installed (~80).
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    I'm on level 8 right now. Defeated level 7 after 6 or 7 tries.
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    Mine crashed every minute or so when I first downloaded it. I unistalled it then redowloaded and it has been fine. Btw I download NFS
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    No crashes, I have NFS.
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    Pretty much all of the games crash on me after extended gameplay.

    Usually it happens when something in the background does something. Ie, sometimes it happens when I get an SMS/IM, other times when Twee does a refresh, when Weather Dashboard refreshes, etc.

    I personally am of the opinion that it's running out of memory at these times and needs to close the game to fix that before the whole OS crashes, though I haven't tested that by running top or anything at the terminal yet.
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    Just downloaded it and restarted my phone before I played it the first time. Flawless framerate and controls with no hesitation or hickups whatsoever. All I have to say is wow, great introduction to 3D gaming. I'm really excited about what the future hold for us on webOS!
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    I downloaded Asphalt 5 and Sims last night. Both took FOREVER to download, but neither has crashed even once. I have several patches so not sure what the deal is.
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    I only got NFS, but so far no crashes... it did take forever to DL though, even on my home WiFi. ha
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    I've got Glyder 2, NFS, Let's Golf, and Oregon Trail. Played about an hour on each and not so much as a hiccup thus far.
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    Brain Challenge crashed on my twice but after a complete shutdown of the phone and reboot, it was pretty solid..

    I have a feeling these apps work better with WebOS 1.4 and Palm just isn't admitting to it.
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    I've noticed that my copy of Asphalt crashes only after I've run a homebrew application which uses SDL.

    For example, I played Quake for a half hour or so, quit, then launched Asphalt.

    Shortly after loading the level, the game crashes.

    If I reboot the phone and simply run Asphalt by itself, everything is fine.
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    Mine crashes on everything but quickrace once I got to level 7(motocycle)
    0 Patches..
    My phone is from 6/20/09 think the manfaturing date has something to do with these issues?
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    asphalt crashes regularly at different times. Sometimes during game play, sometimes during the fly threw before a race starts. It has done this from level one on. It has nothing to do with (for me) the level or vehicle. Very frustrating.

    Great game when it works!
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    Oregon Trail, Glyder 2, crashes or issues whatsoever. Maybe once with Oregon Trail the first time I went to use it after downloading, but a restart later and it has been running perfect <runs around house to find something wood to knock on>
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    No crashes, for Need For Speed, but I read in another thread that MyTether (somehow) conflicts with the new 3D games and apps.
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    I have NFS, monopoly, golf, and soduku. I have not experienced any crashes. Have preware with some homebrew installed but never installed patches. Also when I play the games I've never run more than one or maybe 2 other apps in the background.

    Oh and just to mention, the build date on mine is 6/18/09 (##786#)
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    I own both and neither have crashed once. I've patched the snot out of my Pre after the last update and I only get the "Too Many Pages" error now and then.
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