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    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me here. I downoaded the Sims 3 and everything was going perfectly. After a while of playing it though, All of a sudden it crashed when i tried to go to town. Now it does this every time. If i delete and reinstall, will all of my memory be gone? Is there something else i can do? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsubasa92 View Post
    If i delete and reinstall, will all of my memory be gone?
    Could you clarify what you mean by this?
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    Try restarting you phone. That usually helps out with the crashes.
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    Sorry. I meant, if i delete the Sims 3, will I have to start over in the game when i reinstall it? And I tried restarting about a dozen times. Sorry I should have stated that.
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    tsubasa92: Check 'Analysis of 3d game crashes' thread. I responded to you there with my similar issue/workaround.
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    The crash before going to town bug seems to be related to gardening. I'm sure there's a specific condition causing the crash, but superficially, uprooting all your crops seems to allow you to proceed to town.

    Hopefully EA will find the bug soon and update the game.
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    Yeah if you planted something after you upgraded your house it will crash if you don't tend the crops. just uproot them and it will let you move around.
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