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    Looking for a review on this, anyone purchase it?
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    I bought it before a 5 hour plane ride. I was able to finish a game before the plane touched down...I think it autosaves regularly, but I only caught it doing so once out of the corner of my eye.

    It's neat if you are nostalgic for the old Oregon Trail - lots of touch based minigames, and the graphics are well done. The banter between your family members is amusing, too

    I think it is basically the same as the iPhone version so you can probably look at reviews for that.
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    It's pretty good, but also pretty different from the old one. At least on the medium difficulty, you can't control when you want to go hunting, the actual style of the hunting game has been modified, etc.

    It's basically a mix of the old game plus a bunch of mini-games, so it's pretty fun.

    However, it also doesn't come close to the best in the series, Oregon Trail II.
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    Heres Gizmodo's review of the iphone version. Oregon Trail iPhone Game Hands On - Oregon trail iphone review - Gizmodo
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    Just splurged on Oregon Trail. I remember played the Windows 3.11 version of the game and it was fun. This is a lot more pleasing to the eyes and the mini-games are really addicting. It only crashed once in the very beginning, but I made it a good hour in and stopped for the time being. Fun game overall. I'd give it 4.5/5 stars because it's a lot more fun than (imo) Asphalt 5 for first impressions on gameplay (not graphics).
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    by "stopped for the time being", I was referring to stopping the game to do other stuff, not the game crashing. Just wanted to make that clear!
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    by "stopped for the time being", I was referring to stopping the game to do other stuff, not the game crashing. Just wanted to make that clear!
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    Does anyone know how to get it to work. I press on the icon in the launcher just like everything else and the white thing goes over it acknowledging that I pressed it and then nothing happens. If I press it angrily like 10 times it gives me the to many cards open message. I have restarted and all that good stuff. Nothing is working and it is really aggravating
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    Delete and reinstall.
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    I did not purchase this app on my phone, but I did play it on my brother's iPhone a few months back. It was a fun little game to play, but it did seem to drag on for quite a while. I was hoping for a quick game, but ended up giving up after playing for about an hour.
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    I purchased it on my iPod Touch a while back. Fun if you played the game before, just for nostalgia. After you have gone through it once or twice, you don't have a desire to play it again. So, I didn't feel the need to also purchase it on the Pre. Definitley worth it if you haven't before.

    Just don't die of dysentery.
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