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    I turned the music on the game off, and the next morning I couldnt get any volume on the phone to the ear, speaker was fine, just couldnt hold the phone to my ear. I remembered the last adjustment I had made, the volume to the game, and changed it back. Works now. WEIRD.
    Edit: That was before update,by the way.
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    well the volume trick really worked[i had the music on mute, but now I put on low volume] least for now..crossed fingers!
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    Interesting. I turned the music down low and sure enough it's working. I just played for 10 minutes and 3 races with no problems. What a strange problem.

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    the update didnt fix the music issue for me. anyone else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tarirene View Post
    Note to thread - I turned the music back on for NSFU (just a little bit) and it has apparently stopped the crashing. Why that should have anything to do with it, I don't know, but...
    Ditto. I play the game for a few hours and it suddenly starts crashing. Never linked it to an in game setting. This app needs an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edbbates11 View Post
    Mine has had the same problem. I started using NFS since day one. Not to many problems. After the update, (Need for speed update) the game will not save my current position. Anyone else having problems with this?

    Same here!!! , I emailed EA ( btw you have to register) I am waiting for a response. When and or if that happens I will update.
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    There is an update available in the catalog. My original version is 20.0.26 ( the updated ver. is 20.0.28. No release notes on what it covers.

    It's a huge update (129mb).
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    Hey all,

    Looked back a few pages here and haven't seen this question, but forgive me if it appears elsewhere: has anyone else found that they can no longer switch cars, ever? When I get to that screen now, swiping right and left does nothing...I'm stuck with an early car, max'ed out and too slow for the later races. Anyone else?
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    This is ridiculous. Can't get past the 3rd drift track due to constant crashing... updates don't remedie! ***?!?!?! Anyone find a correlation between NFSU crashes and patches/homebrew?

    Lesson learned... search thouroughly before whining!... in game music back on and no crashes?
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    I bought it, downloaded the game, and it doesnt even launch

    Anybody know how I can reinstall it? Thanks.
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    OK reinstalled, restarted, and still doesnt work, this sux.
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    same here
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulius View Post
    well the volume trick really worked[i had the music on mute, but now I put on low volume] least for now..crossed fingers!
    I can confirm this fixed the issue for me as well. No more application crashing mid-race
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    [QUOTE=Retzius;2165923]I bought it, downloaded the game, and it doesnt even launch

    I've tried everything except doctoring my phone and I still can't get this or Asphalt 5 to launch
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    Alright. This music problem is rather weird.

    ETA: I just played through career mode again in my fastest car with no problems after turning music up to one bar.
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    still will not launch...too many cards...please help.
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    If erasing and doctoring your Pre don't fix this problem, if possible, just get another Pre.

    I didn't stay on the phone with Palm for hours. I didn't even call them. Sprint looked at it for a couple of hours, then told me they'd ordered a replacement, for me.

    The replacement came with 1.3.5. I upgraded it to, installed NFSU, which wouldn't even LAUNCH on my previous unit, and it has played beautifully, ever since.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I recieved this responce from EA today:

    Response (Chad M.)01/27/2010 12:20 PM

    Thank you for your interest in Electronic Arts and for taking the time to write us with your thoughts and questions.

    We apologize for the delayed response; we have been continuing to research this, but because the error is not effecting every Palm Pre with the game, it has been somewhat difficult to isolate. However, it looks like this is related to an issue with the memory of the Palm Pre itself. Palm is currently working on a firmware update for the Palm Pre which they should make available soon. When it becomes available, please install the new firmware on your device (and make sure you have the most recent version of the game) and let us know if you are still experiencing errors.

    We appreciate your patience with this issue.

    Thanks again for writing us. We look forward to helping you answer some of your questions and hope you enjoy playing EA games on your phone!

    Best Regards,

    - EA Customer Service
    It only took them 3 weeks to lay the blame on palm.
    I have noticed that since I increased the volume on the Music from off to just very low, I haven't experienced the crashes I did with the Music Volume turned all the way down.
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    As discussed previously in the thread, I'm having issues where NFSU won't save any data. It worked 24 hrs during which I changed no settings, then it deleted my data and refuses to save any progress since.
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    I'll add my 2 cents worth to this forum. I downloaded Glyder, it downloaded and installed but would never launch. I deleted multiple times, tried the partial erase and take the battery out trick. I then tried NFSU to see if I had the same issue. Furthermore, after I installed it none of my 3 batteries would charge. I contacted Palm support, who had me perform the same things that I tried before. They then escalated it their senior support team. Meanwhile, I took the phone into a local Sprint store in Mankato, MN, who couldn't figure out what was happening and replaced the phone with a refurb. Since I travel every week, I need my cell phone and can't run into Sprint stores every day. I refuse to take the chance of downloading it on the new phone. I CAN"T GET A REFUND BECAUSE THEIR POLICY WHEN DOWNLOADING IS NO REFUND!!!

    For someone who has owned a 650, 755, Centro and now Pre, I never thought I would say it but I'm getting a Droid this weekend over a $15 issue. It isn't the money as much as the principle. Don't have a store if you don't stand behind the products you are selling. If I ran my business that way, I'd be gone tomorrow.
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