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    Anyone want to throw down a review of the Let's Golf game?

    Buehler?.. Buehler?....
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    I posted a review in webos app review. In short, gret app.
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    Oh cool.. didn't see anything in a search of the forums. I'll check it out! Thanks!
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    I purchased Let's Golf and after the install it won't launch. I reset the phone to see if that helped and just looks like it is starting and then nothing. I removed it and re-installed and still the same issue. I tried the emergency migration tool and that didn't work either. I see other posts about possible problems with some of the 3D apps. So, will try again in a few days. Everything sounds very positive from CES.
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    I'm really enjoying it, but during a tournament the short little song they play gets annoying. When you turn the music off the sound of the breeze really makes you feel lonely and bored. Other than that, it's great! I haven't tried running another audio app in the background while it played, but will next time.

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