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    Played for about 20-30 minutes yesterday, only problem I had was the "too many cards" error, but that was only because I forgot to reboot after installing. Since rebooting, I've run it 3 times since with no problems...then again, I didn't plant anything. But I was able to go to town and everything else. I've got Preware and a few patches installed, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horadin View Post
    I have been debating on getting this for a while, keep the reviews coming!

    Please don't blame problems like the too many cards on things you don't know about. It is a problem with a lot of phones regardless of preware being installed, and a problem that I have had since day one. Has nothing to do with preware.

    woah easy buddy. they said *maybe* it has something to do with preware CLEARLY implying that they don't have any idea. its not like they came off stating it as fact. reeeeelax
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    This had an update yesterday just like Need for Speed. Not sure if it fixes any of the problems people have had since I have not done those things yet which have caused problems. I am upset that WooHoo'n 10 times in half a day with three different women all in the same house at the same time will kill you.
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    Ok, this seems to be the place for this.. I have been trying to find a way to manually edit the savegame files to "cheat" ie give more money etc. the savegames are found in /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ and the saves are sim3dat0 , sim3dat1 , and sim3dat2 . There is also what seems to be a settings file sim3set which contains the names of your saved sims. I am not a coder so i have no idea how to read or even what to use to open these files, i have tried hex editors, notepad++ ... Im looking for someone with coding knowledge to help edit these files, i love The Sims, but i dont have the patience to earn the rewards. As of yet I have not found any posts anywhere of Sims "cracks" for the pre.
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    hey, does anyone know where one can find a list of all the goals/wishes? I have all of them finished except for 2 and I don't know what they are (I completed all of the charcter specifc goals).
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    Love it! I have the Pre Plus and don't have any issues with crashing.
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