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    Graphics - 7.5
    Control - 8
    Presentation - 8
    Lasting Appeal - 7
    Overall - 7.5

    Great golf game with easy to use controls and easy to pick up and play a round or two or 18. Load times are 5 seconds max. Wish there were leaderboards or some sort of online functionality. I'll keep it on my Pre for a while longer. Doesn't KILL battery, but also drains it pretty quick.

    Haven't had a crash while playing. I do have themes and homebrew installed.
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    just got are excellent...super fluid....easy to control....

    kept data/phone on, brightness 25%, batt at 100%....and after a full 18 holes, the batt was at 89%.

    defin worth $6 bucks.

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    The description says it has multiplayer over Wi-Fi. Is that true?

    If not, what is with these publishers and their laziness in just copying over IPhone descriptions?
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    I just figured out how to use the clothing rewarded to you for a win. At the character select screen just tap the character's 3D rendering and it'll take you to the "dressing room?" where you can put on your new gear.

    This gear actually provides stat bonuses in addition to the appearance changes.

    Really nice!

    It is pretty sad that the descriptions aren't updated for the Pre though. Multiplayer should be implemented, or we should sue for false advertising or whatever.

    By the way, the advanced mode controls change the game quite a bit. The drives aren't bad, but putting is quite difficult for me with this!
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    I have had it crash a few times while responding to texts and doing other things. I do have patches and a theme installed and the crash is very annoying. I do like the game though other than the crashing. It has never crashed before I installed this game.
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    ok, maybe it's me but I've re-installed this app 4 times and I have yet to play it once! It downloads, takes forever, it installs, takes forever there too. Then when it says "Tap to launch" it does nothing. I've restarted the phone and still nothing. Attempted launching from the launcher and once again, nothing. So as far as I'm concerned it seems like a rip-off as I can't get my money back and all I can do is read about how everyone else enjoys this game. What's even worse is if you go to Gameloft's web site it says they don't make any games for the Palm Pre??!!??!!

    Anyone have any ideas?

    - I restarted Luna
    - I ran webOSQuickInstaller and switched the theme to default (actually it already was on default)

    Thanks for any helpful advise.
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    It's a ripoff of Hot Shots, which isn't a bad thing. I really enjoyed it on the iPod Touch (which I no longer have), and it's basically the same thing on the Pre. I'm stupefied at how well these 3D games run on the Pre, VERY smoothly, although that's probably because it's been such a quick, huge step from the basic game apps we've gotten up until this past weekend.
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    I like it. It is a fun arcade style golf game.
    Likes: graphics, difficulty level, replay ability, traditional controls, and value
    Dislikes: No multiplayer, advanced controls are fun until you put, can't put from the fringe.

    For those with crashing problems, try rebooting your phone. Mine works great after a reboot.
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    awesome game, crashes a ton ut love the actual gameplay
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    Yeah mine crashes often when first loading it. but once it starts it plays fine. really enjoy this game.
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    For crashing..I also use JTop and do a java garbage collection. Seems to help this as well as the can not open card issue.
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    Great game for the pre. Controls are a little touchy, but you get the hang of it after a few rounds.

    Loading the game takes about 5-10 seconds due to it loading the intro video. Best to have all cards closed. Once inside the game, loading the course, and holes are snappy. 2-3 second loads per hole.

    Def. worth the money for a quality sports game on the Pre. Rivals Tetris as the best game I have DLed.

    7.5/10 - I dont give 10's, and this game could use some work. But Its alot of fun.
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    I think it's great, but yes, it crashes on startup...a lot. Tried to get info from Gameloft and their support page blows. Doesn't load right so you can't actually get an answer. For $6-$7 bucks they should be more professional and responsive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disgustoid View Post
    I'm a huge fan of the Hot Shots series on the Playstation--if this is similar, it'll likely be a must-buy unless there's some fatal flaw.
    It's VERY similar. I'm surprised there aren't lawsuits pending
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    At what point do you unlock the 4th character?
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    How do you putt in this game? What is the grid for with the blue/yellow/red colors?

    (any other suggestions would be great. I'm not used to golf. just figured i press button when it reaches the tee marker/power and accuracy marker...but don't know skill to change that)
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    Mine crashes frequently. I can't even play it anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palm_FTW View Post
    Mine crashes frequently. I can't even play it anymore.
    Me too, very disappointing, they need to look at what's wrong and send out an update.
    Who pays $6 for an app that can't even start up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    How do you putt in this game? What is the grid for with the blue/yellow/red colors?

    (any other suggestions would be great. I'm not used to golf. just figured i press button when it reaches the tee marker/power and accuracy marker...but don't know skill to change that)
    the grid is elevation in the ground.. if you're putting from blue into red, it means the hole is uphill and you'll have to hit a little harder.. if its blue on the left to red on the right with the hole being in the middle yellow area, it would mean you have to hit to the side a little (in this case beign to the right) because the balls will roll to the left downhill..

    little complicated trying to explain by typing loll.. help at all?

    also, u might already know this, but if you tape the map in the upper left it will give you different angles to scope out your shot, usually giving a better perspective of the ground layout/elevation levels.
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