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    I'm lovin' all the new apps and I'm really excited about flash 10 and the other updates. VIDEO RECORDING!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrolesen View Post
    barring the crashing, the game seems great. You can either your patience to wait until they know what is causing the crashing and fix it, or deal with the crashing, or use you impatience to buy the game now to see how fun it is, or wait since you know the crashing will induce an anurism.

    I hope that helps.
    Thanks fellas

    Quote Originally Posted by TwizteD25 View Post
    Is the need for speed undercover multiplayer like asphalt?
    waaaait.. you can race online in asphalt?
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    Where is the multiplayer option in Asphalt? I can't find it.
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    Asphalt is multiplayer on iphone only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Asphalt is multiplayer on iphone only.
    It says on the Palm App store that Asphalt is multiplayer.
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    i dont see any of these 3d apps u guys are talking about.... like my app catalog is in beta version still and allthey got is like block break lite and paraminitrooper lol. am i missing something?
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    ahh i see, its because i'm canadian. typical...
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    Here I am in the UK, now with, but we have the beta app catalog & can not get these games.

    Is there any way of getting the new 3D games other than through the app catalog on the Pre.

    Grateful for any help.
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    I'm pretty disappointed that they wouldn't have released free demos of these new fancy games...

    I don't mind paying for a game mind you but being on the cusp of all this new technology begs the question, is the game going to perform/play as I'd expect and am I going to even like the game itself...

    I shouldn't be paying to answer these simple questions...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrolesen View Post
    I'm so tempted for $3. I'd really like something fun to use the accelerometer on. I only tried the demo for the paratroopers and that was amusing. The problem is Steam already got a bunch of my money with their crazy holiday sale. I guess I can always grab it later.

    I've played a couple tournaments on Let's Golf and it hasn't crashed again, so I'm pretty encouraged. I would like to hear if NFS has multiplayer. Seems like Asphalt has a big advantage if it's the only racer w/ multiplayer.
    NFS does NOT have multiplayer, but NEITHER does Asphalt on webOS (yet). The description was a direct copy from the iPhone app, which does have multiplayer.
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    weird ****. before they added all the text to the description of asphalt it had the word multiplayer in there.
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