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    ughh!!! I want nova!
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    Any support head to head play? Also, for 'unofficial' games, I'd love to put quake on, but only if I could play against other people. Is the phone itself powerful enough to host a game against just one other person?
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    Any support head to head play? Also, for 'unofficial' games, I'd love to put quake on, but only if I could play against other people. Is the phone itself powerful enough to host a game against just one other person?
    X-Plane series do support multiplayer via WiFi. Haven't tried it though...

    Here my list:

    Brain Challenge 9-10
    Scrabble 9-10
    Real Tennis 9-10
    Earthworm Jim 7-10
    Avatar 10-10
    Hero of Sparta 9-10
    Gangstar 10-10
    Tilt GT 6-10
    Tetris 9-10
    Assasins 7-10
    NFL 2010 7-10
    Asphalt 5 9-10
    The Sims 3 9-10
    X-Plane 9-10
    X-Plane Racing 9-10
    Giant Fighting Robots 8-10
    X-Plane Carrier 10-10
    Glider 2 8-10
    Need for Speed Undercover 9-10
    Monopoly 9-10
    Let's Golf 9-10
    Boggle 9-10
    Oregon Trail 8-10
    Brothers in Arms 9-10
    Tri-Match 8-10
    Air Hockey 7-10
    Quake 9-10
    Doom! 8-10
    SuperTux 6-10

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    Dungeon Hunter. 10/10. Alot like Diablo II but with better graffics. kill bad guys, get better equipment and items, sell for gold, follow quests, etc. All been done before but still a great game. much more than just a "potty time" time killer.
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    My game reviews:

    X-Plane Apollo: 8/10 - Extremely hard but nice graphics and fun to try and get good at.

    X-Plane Space Shuttle: 7/10 Same as above, but price tag is high and should only be around 5 bucks.

    X-Plane 9: 9/10 - I'm not normally into flight sims but this is nice and relaxing, good graphics, fun to just fly around, different planes and areas. Only con is price tag.

    James Cameron's Avatar: 10/10 - Fun game, pretty long too. You can level your skills up, your armor and weapons also level up.

    Hero of Sparta - Only played the first level but so far it seems kinda boring and repititive.

    Skate Board Nation: 4/10 - Game is fun but there is WAY too much lag. Maybe a pre plus owner will have a different experience. Surprised Gameloft hasn't fix this yet, since alot of reviewers also complained about this,

    Connect 4: 7/10 - Looks nice and clean, fun for anybody that likes Connect 4. Nobody plays online and the price is high for a Connect 4 game without online wi-fi.

    Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes: 8/10 - Fun, good graphics. Hard to play at first but gets easier the more you play. Seemed kinda easy.

    Modern Combat: Sandstorm: 8/10 - Fun, great graphics, controls aren't bad. Good first person shooter for the pre. Online is horrible. EVERYWHERE you go, there are those guys with no life who stand there and kill you over and over because you spawn in the same place again and again and as soon as you spawn you get shot in the head and it repeats over and over.

    Glyder 2: 10/10 - Awesome game. Graphics are ok, but gameplay is really fun and relaxing. Price is also cheap. Must have.

    Dungeon Hunter: 10/10 - Really fun. Easy to lose track of time playing this. If you are into hack n slash games this is great. Different classes, equipment to collect, new skills, leveling up.

    Need for Speed: Undercover: 9/10 - Fun racing game. Graphics are clean, gameplay is much better than Asphalt 5. Can buy new cars and customize them. Only con is the $10 price tag.

    Gangstar: West Coast Hustle: 10/10: Really fun, great graphics, free roam. Grand Theft Auto on your palm pre. Kill people, steal cars, mess with cops, go on missions, races. A must have.

    NOVA: 10/10 - Very fun game with great graphics. Like Halo on your phone. Online is great and really fun.

    Hope I helped someone. I will update if I remember so I can add reviews for those I haven't done yet.
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    Thanks for these reviews guys!

    Would love a version of Gears of War for my pre!!!!

    Manchine gun with a chain saw attached..........what more does a man want!!
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    Blades of fury 10/10 (soul caliber on the Pre)
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    im kinda disappointed in the games so far

    Ive gotten

    Oregon Trail - 5/10
    nothing like the original which was a disappointment. also, a game takes WAY too freaking long. Took 90 minutes to complete a single game. Controls work great, game works great.

    Shrek kart - 6/10
    decent graphics. had some issues with the game messing up during play. controls are tolerable.

    Deer Hunter - 7/10
    decent controls (aiming sucks though). always fun to shoot stuff. graphics are pretty good as well.

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    Thanks for the updates and these reviews should help come June 6th anniversary support the developer and Palm by buying some apps promotion.

    Nova looks good, heard it had some strange controls that took getting used too or am I mistaken?

    Either way, thanks and keep the reviews coming. Sorli...
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