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    Hi guys,

    The reception to my tiny little Note to Self app was better than expected, and I want to make it EVEN better. So I'd like to ask y'all - are there any unobtrusive features I could throw in there without taking away from the "one click to send a note" paradigm?

    All suggestions welcome.

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    Thanks for asking! I just posted this suggestion on another thread - I'd like to see a button that lets me send multiple notes in succession without going back to the launcher.

    Well done app!
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    I like it, it saves a tap or two over putting myself in the launcher. I would use it more if there were a setting that let it open a message with the cursor in the subject instead of the body. That would make it super fast to add tasks to RTM, Toodledo, etc.
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    I love it, and use it all the time. With 1.4, it opens an extra card. Other than that, I don't have any simply does what it's supposed to.
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    It is one of my most used apps! I love it!

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