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    comeon ppl. i mean those ones in the last thread werent bad. but i want an idea to work off that is GREAT. i want something that every pre and pixi user would want and pay for. i want a revolutionary app that is number one on the list for at least a day. give me your best ideas.
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    make center button wake up phone app lol please
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    well i thought the sports apps was a good one! lol anyway here's a couple of ideas that i think people will like
    1. A ringtone creator, something to take our music files and make ringtones from them.
    2. A myxer app, this may be harder but being able to download ringtones directly to the phone would be awesome.
    An even better idea would be to somehow combine the two ideas in to one app that would then allow us not only to download ringtones but also to share them as well.

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